Whenever the topic of discussion is “licence” in any conversation, it is fun to hear the experiences of different people. Everyone has a unique story to tell….number of attempts to get a driving licence and reasons for failing each time.  Some blame it on the traffic conditions that day, some on lack of confidence but most people blame the RTA examiners mood as the main reason. It’s funny to hear these various takes on their failure.
Sitting in ladies waiting room in Belhasa Driving Center on many occasions. ..I got talking to many others like me. They would share their fears and failures. All of us were sailing in the same boat.  The reactions of the RTA officers they shared were quite scary.  One common reaction of most students was…”shivering with fear”. I think that was one of the most common reasons of failure. The moment we let fear take over us…We tend to give up our spirit to fight or even try. So I feel fear , lack of confidence and nervousness are main causes of failing an RTA road test…and any test for that matter.
Other things are very technical I feel.Starting with the time you take over the driver’s seat…you need to be in full control. Most important things to check are seat belts. .of self and Co passengers. Next mirror checks play a very important role. Correct positions will help you to be in control in the road and drive safely keeping a tab on approaching traffic from all sides. Another reason I heard from a few was indication on dashboard wasn’t seen for an open door…If you haven’t done that..It’s an immediate failure from the RTA.
Keeping safe distance,  indicators in advance,  giving way, mandatory stopping at “STOP” signs, mirror check, shoulder check, maintaining speed limits, correct entry into roundabouts …These are some of the important nuances of safe driving. If you get them right during your practice sessions…final RTA test is a cakewalk.
Then comes the most crucial part of the road test. Lane change and entry onto the main road from a slip road. Most students fail as they get confused with the approaching traffic..so either they delay the same, forget to do mirror and shoulder check or even lower the speed. Krishna drilled it into me to be careful with these three aspects…and I am glad I got it correct when I appeared for my final road test.
There is no shortcut to success….getting a licence in one go is not the agenda here…The main concern is to drive safely and remember all that the instructor has taught you during the practice sessions….bring into practice what you are taught. Let go of fears when you appear for the test…remember the basics and you can’t go wrong. And let me tell you one last thing…It is a myth that your success to get a licence after passing the road test depends on the RTA officers mood….no ways…they cannot let you risk the lives of others with your ignorance and carelessness. …so go out there. …keep the basics in mind, pass the RTA road test and enjoy your freedom behind the wheels….

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