My Books

“I love the smell of book ink in the morning.”

~ Umberto Eco

In our technology-driven world, the paper books have been replaced by electronic devices — Kindles and Nooks and even Social Media.  Good old-fashioned books are no longer seen as practical and neither are they in fashion since carrying them is extra baggage. But I may sound outdated when I say I would prefer to hold a paper book and flip pages rather than swipe screens. The pleasure of reading a classic paper book cannot be ever replaced by e-books.

My love for books motivated me to think of publishing my first book “Footprints” in May 2019. Then there was no looking back. Soon after, since the manuscript for my poetry book in Hindi was ready , I published ‘Chand Ehsaas” in September ,2019. The third in series , yet another book of poems in English, “Myriad of Dreams’ is under publication, to be launched soon.

I have had the privilege of launching both my books in grandeur amidst family and friends. I have also received encouraging reviews from my readers. You may visit the pages on the links below.



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