A little girl began her journey in Sadhana’s abode

She was like soft clay ready to get in the mould

The guardian angels received the bundle of gold

To let her beauty & talents gradually unfold

We have seen her blossom over the past years

We have seen her overcome her challenges & fears

We have seen her transform into a soaring butterfly

Ready to take on this world & touch even the darkest sky

A confident smile now adorns her pretty face

She is willing to be a part of any difficult race

All struggles & turmoil she is guided through

In SPJ Sadhana we have found a mentor true

We see a future at the end of this endeavor

We know we made the right choice for her

How she blossoms, and how she makes us proud

With tears of contentment our eyes do cloud

For us, she remains the most special under the sun

Beautiful, blissful, frolic and fun

And to those who nurtured her, our gratitude to them,

Each one of you we preserve as a precious gem.




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