There was a time in the initial years of Kittu growing up when we would worry about almost everything related to her health, specially her heart conditions. Swas born with 3 holes in her heart, one was taken care of when had her PDA closure done at 8 months, we would always be concerned if she would be able to enjoy rides like any normal child. When I spoke to my helper Mimi about it she would ensure Kittu sat on a swing and gently be pushed..she wanted to help Kittu get over all her fears…as a mother it was a bit difficult for me to do it….but today Kittu has made us overcome all our apprehensions by participating enthusiastically and willingly in all sorts of adventure activities. She will ensure she goes ahead and does it specially if she is said a “NO”.

Dandeli, river rafting: This was an unforgettable experience in Goa. Dandeli is a forest resort a few miles away from Goa. We had a time of a lifetime with that experience. All of us onboard the raft were a bit scared as it was the first time…but not Kittu…
throughout that ride, she sat with the oar in her hand, unfazed….she was an inspiration to us. All of us ducked into the raft a few times…barring her….our brave little girl!

Cliff crossing and adventure trail was organized at Taj Fort Aquada, Goa. This was another unforgettable experience. In the picture Kittu’s confidence is quite visible. Most of us were cautious while climbing the rock but Kittu climbed it in a jiffy….She was amazing….I felt a bit embarrassed as I had my heart in my mouth throughout the climb.I got to learn a lot from my little girl….she has been a teacher in the truest sense…in many ways.

Bingo!!! Kittu has this spirit about her….she wants to try everything possible….and believe me she succeeds as she has that confidence in herself that she can do it. There is no such word as “IMPOSSIBLE” in her dictionary….she has turned it in her favor by believing it to be “I M POSSIBLE”. In Goa she got opportunities to discover the adventurous trait in her….she tried everything possible.


This picture is on the beaches of Chennai…when she was just about 3. My older one was very keen to go on a horse ride and Kittu insisted and tagged along….This is what we consider good balance….after the initial hesitation….the two girls were galloping on the wet sand….a sight to see….I feel Geitanksha, our older daughter has come as a blessing to us….she has been a great support to Kittu and likes to include her in almost everything she does .We are truly blessed. Thanks to her, Kittu has been able to achieve many things in her life.

This was a part of the adventure trail in Goa….it was amazing to see her pose midair….when I was asked to pose for a picture…i thought it was the end of me….I dreaded the thought of leaving the rope even for a second to wave…and here Kittu is waving and smiling away to glory….an inspiration for me…and many others…

Trikey….this was something my husband started to promote in The Taj Holiday Village Hotel, Goa property. It was an instant hit as it was a joyride which could be enjoyed by adults and children alike. We were not too sure if we should send Kittu on it as this needs good balance….but it was a proud moment for us to see her take not one…but many rides on the Trikey….confidently and happily. I feel as parents its important for us to support and encourage our children,its okay for them to fail…but we must atleast let them try…We did that with Kittu…never differentiated between both our daughters…and we feel happy and proud to see Kittu just so confident…ready to take on any challenge and prove the world wrong that so called “SPECIAL CHILDREN” are incapable….



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