“The poet gives us his essence, but prose takes the mould of the body and mind entire.”

~ Virginia Woolf

I have always felt comfortable within the realm of poetry but gradually I inclined towards prose as I began writing a blog for my daughter with special needs. It was with purpose of capturing her life’s journey since birth and share it with her when she is old enough to understand. This helped me frame my narrative in life and subsequently began my onward journey of writing blog posts, story writing on other topics for various online platforms.

You may read some of my “articles” below, one of which being “Mission License” which I penned down during my process of obtaining a driving license in Dubai. I am glad to receive appreciation for those posts till date though they were written way back in 2014. “Mission License” shows up on Google search when people need answers to their unending questions regarding various nuances of getting a driving license in Dubai.

A few interesting anecdotes and musings accompanied with my sketches are also shared in these “articles”.




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