So once we all settled in the classroom, our instructor walked in…a small built man of Pakistani origin. He welcomed us and shared some Housekeeping tips. Now what are housekeeping tips…well basic rules to be followed during the session, discipline to be maintained with respect to paying attention to the lectures without any distractions from the smart phones and social media (lol). That happens to be the biggest attraction and distraction nowadays. The friends ought to be updated with the latest in your life after all. There would be 15 minutes break after each hour of theory session so no one should find an excuse to miss any part of the theory session, a very important part of the entire process. After each hour, the learner licence would be stamped by the instructor (attendance routine…they weren’t so strict in our professional college 🙁 ). The students had to be back in class within the stipulated time as the door would be locked and entry denied, so you wait out for an hour and attend the next session and return on another day to attend the session you missed as the learner permit wouldn’t be stamped and one needed 8 stamps to appear for the theory test. ( This was too much we felt, we are responsible adults and not some college going kids…not fair! But did we have a choice???) So we all settled in and the main door was actually locked, we hadn’t believed him when he said that. He started with basic introduction of self and a brief intro of the students. So far so good.
The session started and it grew on us, his way of imparting knowledge. The session was interactive and fun filled unlike what we had expected. Various situations were discussed, PPTs displayed and question answer sessions progressed. It wasn’t bad at all. And the instructor had 15 years of experience behind him so he knew the nerve of each of us present there.He kept the session alive. A lot of knowledge was shared from the RTA books we were given while registering. We kept referring to them and actually learnt a lot during the theory sessions. I will recommend everyone to take interest in attending the theory sessions as you get to learn from the instructor’s experience what you don’t learn from the books. They will share with you exactly the reasons behind failing the RTA road test or questions one can expect in the theory test. There is no short cut to success and getting the licence in first attempt was due to my sincerity in taking these sessions seriously. A little hard work and dedication pays off. Each hour session was followed by a much needed washroom and coffee break. It was a day full of a lot of learning and sharing of experiences, made a few friends too.
A similar four hour session was attended on the following Saturday and learner permit stamped to entitle me to appear for the theory test….that was another stress I must say…taking a breather now to prepare myself for the very compulsory online theory test, the next step in getting you closer to your mission licence….

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