Celebrated independence day….15th August by being off the blog and celebrating My Independence On The Road….remember we spoke about it earlier….yess…I spent the day driving on Dubai roads…finally!!! Thanks to my licence in my hand….how I got there is a long story. So let’s go back to where we were….through with registrations…curiosity, anxiety and apprehensions….what next???
Next was attending the 8 cumpolsary theory sessions…in a classroom. Lectures again???? Oh…would be task seeing us through those four grueling hours, glued to our chairs and gaping at the lecturer sleepy eyed! well but I was a bit excited too…A new beginning of sorts…something I wanted to achieve. And what better day that 13th May, my birthday. Atleast I wouldn’t forget this day and date in a long time to come.
Packed off the kids to school, Hubby off to work I reached the center at 8 AM. Half an hour before time. I like it like that, being where I am supposed to be well before time so I get time to settle in. I hate doing things in a disorganised manner. I am quite a disciplined person. So once at the center, CSR at the reception informed us that we were required to be in the room no 13(my lucky number yet again 🙂 ) at 8.30.I had enough time to pick up a cup of coffee. I took one from the canteen…yes BDC has various facilities for their customers and staff .Canteen, prayer rooms, kids day care center where you may leave your kids for a couple of hours, rare but useful…vending machines ..to name a few. Well equipped I must say.  So I picked up my coffee and walked upto room no. 13 on the first floor. I entered the room and saw a huge hall with a few people of mixed nationalities already seated. Separate sections for ladies and guys. A very common practice in the middle east. I took my seat and made myself comfortable . I was thankful for the coffee, it would definitely help me keep awake in the boring lecture classes…well the real experience I shall share tomorrow. So what awaited us in our theory sessions is something interesting and I look forward to sharing with you soon….

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