After completing the 8 cumpolsary refresher classes with my instructor I was asked to submit my papers for the final RTA road test…. .The most dreaded. I feel no one has ever been so serious and nervous about even their tests at school or college as this test. Here its not about failing the test ….but the aura of the RTA officers. They come across worse than  principals in residential school. They are strict and stern. I had heard so many experiences during all those hours waiting in the ladies waiting room in the center.
Girls would share the reasons for their failures and reactions of the RTA inspectors while driving. By the way at Belhasa it was women inspectors for lady students and vice versa.  They said how the examiner would give directions and if you goofed up they would shout and hold the steering….A clear indication that you had failed. So no one came for the test with the hope of passing in the first attempt. The first failure was considered as a learning experience and a corrective measure for the following test/tests. Why tests, as there were people who were attempting the RTA Test for between two to eight times (OMG!!!) So it was taken for granted that if it was the first attempt for you , they were not kind and considerate enough to pass you. More over through discussions we also came to know that a lot depended on the mood of the examiner on the day and most importantly. …your luck. So all that left for you to do is pray to all your gods above.It’s more to do with the humiliation of failure than anything else. That adds to the pressure and you end up making silly mistakes which cost you what could be your success on that day. My instructor had wished me luck and said she had high expectations from me.  I thought not after the number of times she told me “if you do this you will fail”. But I wouldn’t give up I decided. Atleast I will try my best.
So we waited out there, palpitations in the heart. …The wait seemed endless and forever. Just wanted to get it over with….whatever be the result. My time was 9.40 AM and the clock soon ticked past it…with no sign of us being called. The RTA examiners were out with another set of students. And to add to our miseries..It was Ramadan time…so that could make them more moody…All of us sat there and wished each other good luck (wishing ourselves too as it was much needed).The lucky ones on that day who passed would have wings….and the unlucky ones….sobbing there way to the cashiers….Make payment for yet another RTA road test….don’t know what was in store for me that day….just wait and watch….

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