Once the parking test is successfully completed,  regular classes are conducted till the instructor feels you are ready for the internal assessment. This is again done by the examiners. so once Krishna was sure and convinced that I was confident enough to go for it…she asked me to submit my papers for the same for a day convenient to me. I didn’t want to delay it hence immediately took the date. I was obsessed with completing my driving lessons soon and getting the licence in my hand. Taureans are headstrong individuals…Once a decision is made they go all out to achieve their desires. My obsession was my licence. My instructor gave me few more inputs and things I needed to be careful about…maintaining speed limits, shoulder and mirror check while lane change, indicators and u-turns. She felt I was too much in a hurry always so needed to have control on my speed. Suggestion taken and ready for the test.
On the date of the test…again another wait in the ladies waiting room. While you wait you see the same anxiety you go through, on each one’s face present there. Each one’s concern is the same….will I make it in one go as each failure was a dig in the pockets. You had to shell out a few hundreds of hard earned dirhams and that would unsettle your budget. After all each of us are here with the hope of saving and  having a bank balance….
After a wait of few minutes, the examiner called out names of three of us who would go for the assessment with her, a philipina,  a Pakistani and me. The philipina was asked to start the test.She did so and throughout the next 10 minutes of her assessment, the instructor kept on pointing her mistakes to her…that put me on my guard. Then she was asked to park the car on the side of the road and I was asked to take over. I belted myself and started the car with full confidence. I followed her instructions and recalled all inputs of Krishna. I ensured I didn’t make the mistakes I did with  krishna during regular classes. After my 10 minutes were over the examiner asked me to park the car on the side of the road and commented “you drive well Nisha, don’t play with the steering too much”. I am used to doing that in INDIA….The roads and traffic there compel you to….but I was HAPPY!! A positive comment from the examiner meant that I had passed this hurdle too. After the third girl drove the car for her test she was asked to take the car back to the yard. We were given our results then..If you pass the assessment you only get to do 8 compulsory classes to improve upon any suggestions given by the examiner. If you don’t pass you get 12 to 16 classes more. I was happy I was close to the grand finale…The much dreaded RTA road test….another success added to my kitty….assessment test CLEARED….

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