Dreams they say are the deepest yearnings 
Unshared secrets that are well safeguarded 
Unsolved mysteries for years to come 
And the only lifeline of the broken hearted 
My dreams were a sacred place where no else could tresspass 
My world that I had built with million efforts 
Where my tears were real and smile unadulterated
An imaginary land of solacement and comforts
My dreams have been my unfulfilled wishes, 
About my life with you that was left orphaned
Desires that were once conceived in a longing soul 
Emotions that were happily and willingly imprisoned 
Like broken glass are those dreams now
Shattered reflections sadly mocking at me 
My efforts to bind them together is sheer waste 
All they leave behind is a trail of bad memory 
They breathed their last as you retraced your steps
Amidst my pleads and muffled screams 
I lay a wreath on the grave where I put them to rest 
Today I say goodbye to my sketchy dreams 

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