I hold a picture in my hand
Unconsciously tears flow like a restive stream
I make no efforts whatsoever to hold them back 
They continue to trickle gently down my cheek
The picture is faded… bound to happen with time
But i can well recall the beautiful memories 
Memories that shall last me an entire lifetime 
And each moment entwined with interesting stories 
Common we shared our interests then
Common were our youthful dreams
Despite the laughter and differences unknown
Today I relive the timeless journey through these
Unforgettable were the secrets shared
Through all the sleepless nights that we cherished
Sorting out the million confusions
In inconsequential chatter our precious time perished
I could reminiscence the endless promises
Lifelong bonding that would strengthen over years
But some have distanced themselves for reasons unknown
And some got busy building careers 
We may have moved on in our respective lives
But deep down in the hearts there is a craving deep
To live the carefree days yet once again and 
Hoping someday we shall all definitely meet
Maybe there’s someone else holding a faded picture 
In some corner of the world just like me
Just reach out and don’t hesitate to bridge the gap
Rebuilding faith of what is yet to be
If you still haven’t done just don’t refrain
Go there and dig out a faded picture today
If ever life gives me a second chance
I get to choose them all, all over again …. I pray!!

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