She understood him like noone could
She knew every word that his silence meant
Only she could guess what ran in his perplexed mind 
His every voiceless gesture she easily sensed 
She knew when he needed her gentle touch
And a few kind words he could hardly comprehend 
But just the thought of her being around
And he knew she was his lifelong friend
He would often touch her face and feel
If she was happy or in her pretty eyes tears did dwell
Her hand on his heart she would gently place 
The story of each beat she could easily tell
They were happy and needed noone around 
Just the two of them formed a world so complete
Noone knew their struggles and hardships 
And a battle that they could not defeat
He did not see the hatred nor sympathy
That the people often felt for him
Through her eyes he saw the beautiful world
She showed him only what he was meant to see
She kept him away from this inhuman world
She kept him away from all the empathy fake
His happiness was her ultimate motive
No matter what efforts she alone had to make
She spent endless days and nights with him
The hours she spent not for a moment faded away 
No tears did she shed with his final adieu
There’s daunting silence in the house today
Noone to feel her smiles or tears  anymore
No heart that she needs to now console
As he departed to the heavenly abode
She let go of the litheless body and clung to his living soul

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