She kneeled down silently, her head slightly bowed
A bunch of his favorite flowers she held close to her bosom 
Tears slowly welled up in her vacuous eyes
Reminiscing the lonely life she  herself had chosen 
It seemed any moment she would wail and weep
Yet a faint forced smile adorned her ashen face
She had strengthened her mind and her lonely soul
Yet of peace in her life there was not a single trace
She placed her benumbed hand on his dead chest
Careful not to disturb his resting soul
Shedding silent tears as she thought of him
Over her emotions today she had least control
She stared blankly at the revered space
Where her beloved today peacefully rests
She prefered to live with his memories forever
And that is what makes her truly blessed
They filled all voids in her otherwise meaningless life
She lost all promises with his sudden death 
He had vowed to walk besides her forever
Till he breathes his last breathe 
She clings to precious moments she spent with him
As with no other option today she was left
She opens up her heart and one by one she sets free 
All those memories she had safely kept
She sighs! And silently whispers an unfeigned prayer 
Besides him finally to be laid to rest 
And just as she sobs and breathes her last
Flowers are still clung to her lifeless chest

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