The child within sees the world with an innocent mind
Weaves new dreams and lives in a world of fantasy 
Dreams that are songs so melodious and rhythmic 
Dreams that are truly magical and full of mystery
The child in me laughs at a silly antic
Sheds tears simply at the drop of hat
Feels no hurt thats permanent nor holds any grudge
Has purity of soul that has absolutely no match
Walks away from fears that often haunt it 
Turns away from everything that displeases the eye
Overcomes the hindrances with ease thats matchless
And watches with content as life go by 
The child in me is like the playful waves
Rising and falling with the passing time 
Holding on to the moment like treasure 
And claiming that this world is mine 
I hope the child within is here to stay 
Forever in this world that has embraced it unconditionally 
With a loving heart that is restless and unpredictable 
And  connected to the loved ones so emotionally  

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