I walk up to the cloistered study 
And pick my favourite book off the shelf
I dust it a bit and enjoy the mustiness
And deeply inhale the intoxicating smell
I flip yellow pages leisurely, with care
So as not to destroy the fragile leaves
Trying to find my way through mystifying web of words 
As a story from them my intrigued mind weaves 
A cup of steaming coffee kept on the table beside me
Fills the room with its invigorating aroma 
Enamoring words are my sole companion at the moment
Dearth of time is my only dilemma 
I sail through a mysterious journey in no time 
Such is the magic a captivating book beholds 
Where a human soul can bare emotions so rare 
And where tales of unfulfilled dreams are retold 
The sunbeams filter through the curtained window 
The words softly whisper their secrets in my attentive ears
My heart has an instant connect with the characters
An untold phase of my life before me gradually appears
The artist of the book I admiringly revere 
As I read relentlessly, refusing to let go
Enjoying the intensity of the words and delving deeper
Each moment I can sense my curiosity grow
I wait submissively till I come to the very end 
Eager to know where does it all lead
Does it have a fairy tale happily ever after 
Or with a tragic end our hearts shall bleed 

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