When the stars descend from the illuminated skies They light up the Earth and unveil a magical surprise

F.A.M.E. created that magic and turned our little angels into genies. Who says dreams don’t come true. They do only when you dare to dream ! This happened in the spectacular event organised on stage set specially for the People of Determination in Dubai. They not only conveyed a strong message to the society but won millions of hearts , of those present in the vicinity and others who could not make it but watched them as they took social media by storm, be it Instagram, Facebook or twitter. The venue World Trade Centre , Dubai came alive with the buzzing media, parents, participants and the like.

As parents of these children, what we witnessed there was pure magic! We were overwhelmed to see them right there , performing with so much confidence. This is what the team of F.A.M.E. worked towards and achieved it successfully. We feel proud with the feedback we receive after every practice session and the finale. Anoushka has the right attitude needed for the stage. WE are blessed since she takes the instructions well and gets it right almost everytime. 


F.A.M.E. brought together on one platform, the determined ones from all walks of life. The sweat, trials and hard work all reflected in the confidence with which the participants stepped under the spotlight and stole many hearts. They easily managed to drop off the “IM” from the word IMPOSSIBLE and showed to the world that anything is POSSIBLE! All they needed was someone to hold their hands and walk them forward. And the F.A.M.E. team did just that. They brought out the artist and hidden talent in our little wonders. 

The theme for our little ones was a sketch titled “YES I CAN”. This itself says it all. When there are doubts in the minds of people around them, they surprise them by surpassing their expectations and accomplishing what many others can’t dream of. The sketch was well conceived and executed by the choregraphers Becki and Anouska and their very talented team. Our children like others have dreams and they try their best to achieve them. All they need is our support.


There were many performances by various organizations who work for and with the determined ones like Rashid , Sedra, Tender Hearts and Step up Academy. We bow down to their dedication and commitment. Each performance stood out with their uniqueness. 



The icing on the cake was the rocking performance by the the ever benevolent Navin Kundra , the singer and artist from London,  a live wire on stage who captivated the audience and kept them hooked on to his songs. He sang and danced amidst the participants leaving us wanting more.It was an evening to remember and it mesmerized us… leaving a wish in our hearts to witness this once again soon.

The magician who made all this possible is the most pure soul we have come across, Rosy Ahmed, the founder of F.A.M.E. who spent sleepless nights to realise the dream she had for our children. This post will be incomplete without a mention of her ever supportive family. The show is over yes! But dreams live on… till our children get another platform to perform in front of an audience who will cheer them up and support them unconditionally. 

The lights dimmed , the cameras shutters closed 
But not before each wonder under the spotlight had posed!! 



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