She sat on a rock under the swaying palm
Storm raged within her but she maintained her calm
A drop of tear adorned her pretty face
Nothing in her life seemed to be in its place
She watched silently as the sun went down
In the raging waves she let her emotions drown
On the line of horizon today her dreams did rest
Along with the sun today her hopes would set
Loneliness engulfed her tired body and soul
Missing were the arms that in the past did console
A wave touched her and warmly embraced
She withdrew her thoughts to the present in haste
The gentle wind softly something did whisper
A thought crossed her and gave her a shiver 
She felt his warm breath so close to her ears 
They once again revoked all her suppressed fears
She knew not where she went so wrong
She was heart broken yet pretended to be strong 
She abandoned her family just to be with him
Every breathe she took was just for him
He didn’t think twice before he walked out on her
Just the thought of him and her eyes would blur
What if to her he never ever returned
She could no longer stand how her heart yearned 
She opened her palms and let the sand flow
Today of her imperfect love she was letting go
She refused to live a life full of hurt and pain
She wanted her freedom yet once again
She stood on the rock and spread her arms
Nothing of the past is now going to harm
Wanting to welcome a new life ahead
She laughed aloud and let go of his memories dead 

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