I drift away from the shores on rough sea waters
In a lone boat battling to hold its own
The moon’s gleam cascades on the lofty sails
Carressing and bathing my jaded soul 
The night is young and yet a few hours to go
The Moon in its transparent veil plays with the stormy clouds 
Tired with its journey across the skies through the night
She would rest her head on a shoulder if once allowed
When she escapes behind the cloud for a while
The shadows too disappear into an oblivion 
I seek the obscure dreams deep down and realize
Life is nothing but a mere illusion 
The magic of Moonlit night makes me come alive once more 
Tide of emotions seem to ebb and flow
No one can comprehend my state of mind 
The feeling is just so virgin and pure
Across the star studded skies the moon travels in all its glory
I soak in this spectacle so surreal  and magical  
Playing hide and seek with a carefree demeanor 
An epitome of tranquility and style so mystical
The agitated waves still for a moment , emotionless
Alas! The magical spell doesn’t last too long
Just when solemn thoughts occupy my weary mind
Chirping of birds break the silence with advent of dawn

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