Unkempt hair
Hassled care 
Unironed clothes
Of her busy schedule it boasts
A pile of yet to be done dishes
Some silent prayers and well being wishes 
A smile overshadows the lines of worry
Stops by to lend an ear despite the hurry 
Sleepless nights and tiresome days
“What next ” On her mind it always plays
Smoothening the creases of the fresh sheet she just lay 
For a peaceful nights sleep every night she will pray
While the family is having their share of fun
Uncomplaining she is constantly on the run
The concern that seems like a constant nag
Yet to your friends about her you often brag
Her hopes and dreams all lie in you
Her own aspirations are very few
Long list of sacrifices that she never shares
All the pain she alone bears 
Ignoring the lines that adorn her pretty and frail face
Adding to her ageless beauty and timeless grace
“Im a copy of you “every girl to her mother says 
We can’t limit our emotions to a single day
So I let my feelings be expressed as of today
For me every day is just My Mother’s Day

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