I Dare to Dream 
I dare to dream , I am a dreamer
I have every reason to do the same
The challenges life has thrown at me
Has made it an interesting game
Ready to take on life head on 
With spirit ever so high
I don’t give up on adversities in my life 
Before at least giving it a try 
I have seen people around me
With millions of questions in their eyes
With a tinge of doubt and sympathy
Who don’t seem to care otherwise
This has never dampened my spirits
I have overcome them all with ease 
Strength ,faith and courage are my strengths
As in time I allow them to freeze
What I do may not always be right
But each wrong is a precious lesson in life
I learn from my mistakes as I tumble and fall
And realize, a bit more I need to strive
My journey may have many hindrances
The paths I tread upon may not be easy ones
                                And one more thing I know for sure                                          My road to success has many twists and turns
My dreams are like stars in darkened skies
An epitome of faith and endless hope
With a world full of love in my heart
I know its going to be easy for me to cope
I dream today I am a dreamer
                                At me many a times the heavens have smiled                                                  Spreading my wings and soaring high                                   I know I am God’s favorite child

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