That’s how Kittu sees me
“Her perfect mum”
I may not be, but! 
She has accepted me the way I am
“Perfect in my imperfections” perhaps
But that’s how I am happy to be
A little impatient and quirky
A bit spoilt and quite stubborn
But for her… I’m her perfect mum
Flawed yet her complete world
And her every smile says it all
As I hold her hands through 

The tough journey of life
With challenges and roadblocks
But all that she needed was
Me to be walking by her side
Each time I hid my tears from her
Behind the disfigured smiles
She noticed them all
And wiped them dry with her tiny hands
That hold so much unconditional love
Many a battles I have fought and won
We have laughed and we have cried
And many a times hugged very tight
And she assures me with that assuring look
I can trade you with none 
Yes!! You are my perfect mum!!

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