Keep me alive in your memories when I am long gone
Everlasting and sacrosanct , a bond so strong
No words can describe the emotions we have endured
Many a blemishes they have healed and hurts they have  cured 
Difficult paths we have traversed together hand in hand 
Placing faith in each other difficult for others to understand 
Why did it all have to perish wistfully this way 
Why didn’t you just beg once and forced me to stay
My shadow will still follow you no matter where you go
Though veritably the distances between us may grow 
My beloved we may turn into complete strangers some day  
And forget every sentiment that we share today 
In future our paths may never ever cross again 
But for the sake of the relationship that was not just a game
Let our souls search for solace together just one last time 
Make precious memories that are not just yours or mine 
Like our relationship with time these shall not fade 
Like precious treasures on the mantle they shall be placed
I shall be at peace then in another world perhaps
While you reminisce in solitude lest your world shall collapse

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