I stop short in my steps on my morning walk
And trace the faint shadow of the tree in a glance 
The widowed branches upon it enchant me 
Celebrating solitude in deep silence and a perfect stance 
The eerie silence amidst unfrequent winds haunt me 
The barren tree is forsaken and feels betrayed today
Abandoned by ornaments that once bedecked  its boughs
The withered fronds have slowly blown away 
The cotton clouds make a perfect backdrop
A solitary bird perched on a branch, perhaps reminiscing 
Sunbeams randomly sieve through the netted branches
Peering mischieviously and rhythimically dancing
A wave of sympathy engulfs me 
As I see the tree stand vulnerable and alone 
No companion to share its forgotten tales with
Forlorn and to strangers alas baring its soul 
The pride has befallen with each passing season
This mighty giant was once in its full glory 
Yet it stands strong, being an inspiration 
This mesmerizing and enigmatic naked tree

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