As I gaze up the starlit skies in solitariness 
And happen to see a shooting star on this day
I realize its a miracle that travels across the dark skies
And a longing wish shall be fulfilled as people say 
Does it actually hold my destiny I wonder
Or is it a myth that gives comfort to my restive mind
It shoots brazen through heavens at lightning speed 
Leaving a trail of starry light behind 
It dances across in ecstacy at its own will
It teases and I yearn waiting with bated breath 
In the blink of an eye it vanishes 
Yet again leaving me deprived and bereft 
A,Shooting star, as I have often heard,
Is a dream that turns into reality before break of day
Fulfilling desires arising from broken heartbeats 
As treasured memories then forever they stay 
Fleeting moments its magic lasts for
Hustling through the veil of the night
Embellishment of stardust, discord of colours
Remnants of that glorious sight 
Your memories cloud my nebulous thoughts 
Every twinkling star in the sky your image it portrays
When nothing else gives solace to my restless heart 
I wish upon another shooting star today 

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