When my thoughts echo in the dead of night
The secrecy of the moments is kept alive
Feelings are in a state of complete agitation
They betray me and there is no hesitation
The awkward silence gets the better of me
It haunts the emotions and desires within me
Silence gives meaning to agony and ecstasy
Sometimes it manifests and lasts till eternity
The intensity at times overwhelms my soul
I fail to chasten but they are beyond control
Stifled emotions yearn to whisper and speak
Alas! In silence yet again solace I seek….

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An entrepreneur in HR field with previous work experience in education, hotels and training., I enjoy my journey of life trying to make my 16 year old daughter diagnosed with Down Syndrome, independent and well integrated into the society. Being a typical Taurean, I take life head on and am ready to face challenges with a perennial smile. A passionate poet, I love to spread sunshine through my poetry that touch souls.


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