I don’t need to look beyond myself for happiness
I may yearn and God shall generously bless
When I stand alone to watch the rising sun
Amidst different hues in sky I see the chirping birds on the run
A new ray of hope that this majestic sun brings
To life each mortal unquestionably springs
The entire world surrenders to God’s morning star
I’m immersed by its radiance and 
God may decide to be in an artistic mood someday
As he splashes various emotions I’m left to brood
This arched bow bedecks the blue yonder across
And astounded I am just left to wonder 
How these colors can brighten up a million lives 
Dream of a broken heart merely survives 
The moon that teaches us to romance our heart
Its beauty and serenity just sets it apart
Flawless and supreme it stands with pride
But to spread its luminance it is sadly denied
A smile rendered to many a strange faces
Keeping pace with my pleasure as time races
The whispering winds gently breezes past 
Wishing for these moments to  forever last 
When I see the leaves cling for life to the laden branches
Not abandoning it as yet, not taking any chances
Sometimes at dawn and at times the dusk
When a simple prayer for you may cross my lips
A tear for a dear one whenever I may shed
It’s just a bit of my happiness that I have shared

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An entrepreneur in HR field with previous work experience in education, hotels and training., I enjoy my journey of life trying to make my 16 year old daughter diagnosed with Down Syndrome, independent and well integrated into the society. Being a typical Taurean, I take life head on and am ready to face challenges with a perennial smile. A passionate poet, I love to spread sunshine through my poetry that touch souls.


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