After many sleepless hours on many days,finally arrived the day for the parking test. Sometimes entering a situation without any prior knowledge and experience can be exciting too. You don’t know what to expect. Once at the centre for our test, all students appearing for it were asked to wait in the waiting room. After a while our internal examiner asked four of us to proceed to the yard and wait for them.
The two examiners came there with two of the Belhasa cars. We were all very nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Hadn’t found anyone who could brief us. We waited for directions from the examiners. All of us didn’t want to risk being the first to go ahead on being called. It’s always better to see another person doing it and then go ahead. So on being called all four of us looked at each other to see who was ready to make the big sacrifice (lol). I gathered all my courage and took the initiative to be the first. The examiner asked me to be seated on the driver’s seat. She asked me to drive and park the car in the angle parking. I was nervous but recalled all the inputs from my instructor.  The exact angle to take the right turn was the most crucial, which with God’s grace I managed well at the right time. So that was done…One down. I was asked to reverse the car to its original position. Once I was through the other three were also asked to do the same.
Next I was asked to proceed to the other car where the examiner was waiting. She asked me to do the garage parking. This was a right angled parking into an assigned slot. Again turning the car at the right moment was crucial.  And generally one needed to adjust the car a couple of times to do the perfect parking. The God’s above may have been showering their blessings on me on that particular day. I managed to do a purrfect parking that day as the examiner commented. .”very good nisha!!!”. my heart was singing a song…I managed to impress that examiner with at least this. The next was the worst..parallel parking. I knew I would goof up there. The first examiner had finished with the other three students and waited for us to do the parallel parking. Again I was the first here. Dreading the moment. My hands were wet with sweat.The examiner sensed my nervousness. She asked me to relax. She asked me to start and I did. But all the inputs from Krishna deserted me just then. I forgot to put the indicator on…The examiner asked me to. How I cursed myself for forgetting the simplest thing. Anyways after that everything just went wrong. My nervousness at its peak now. I knew if I failed today would be because of this. Anyways the examiner helped me to pull this through. I finished and thanked God it was over. Next was the hill parking. I went to the car waiting on the hill, a mount built inside the yard. I sat on the driver’s seat and it was over be for it started. The examiner handed me the result..stamped  “PASSED”. I couldn’t believe my eyes…Examiner said you can leave now….I literally flew from there…happy and on cloud 9!!!! One more hurdle crossed….in first attempt.

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