Sweet Revenge
She is out to take her revenge tonight
Revenge born out of betrayal and incoherent love
She lures him with her enticing eyes
Again to make him fall in love with her  
Reminding him subtly of the times he cast her aside
For reasons only known to him
She lost herself in a secluded world he created
She sacrificed her desires to be true to him
She was totally embraced by his ineffectual love
She blinded herself to the world around
Happy she was in their heavenly abodes 
Their love was true and very profound 
He promised the world to her but forsake her
Betrayal being hidden in false passions of love
She treasured the moments spent with him
Till one day he decided to cheat on her
Nights she spend sleepless on the drenched pillow
With tears of deception soaking her soul
Ready to bear the pain and hurt he inflicted 
And crushing her personality on the whole 
She felt hurt from pain of a broken heart 
Yet was ready to forgive but not for a moment forget
Leaving behind the shadows of painful memories
Effectuating the reasons they had met 
This was her journey from Illusion to reality
Every heartache she did manage to sustain
With a last ray of hope she took to her revenge
By falling in love with him once again

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