She is childlike 
An innocence so pure 
A smile like a summer morn that adorns her face 
A mere look at her can melt away all the aches
She is like the morning glory awakening at dawn 
Wild and ever so fresh
Carrying a fragrance so intoxicating
Her careless whispers can fill the room with music invigorating
A glint in her eyes like million stars in the sky 
Lit by the rays of the radiant sun 
She insinuates and her voice is  like the strum of the guitar
A diva and damsel so full of fun
Her carefree laughter can brighten your day with jolity
Her tears can make your heart melt at every drop
She is enigmatic sometimes like an open book
Admiring her one can never ever stop 
Her gait so rhythmic and so full of vigour
She carries an aura mystical and divine
Her mere presence is like a celebration so joyous
She is aging gracefully with the passage of time
She is a dreamer and  thrives on immortal hope
On another she can easily place her trust
She is a dream so vivid and too good to be true
Each one carries a little bit of her in us

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