Follow your heart when the path you tread upon is tough
Road to success is never smooth but craggy and rough 
Once in a while just halt and deeply ponder 
Restrain your thoughts and do not let them wander
Try to look deep down into your anxious soul
Things may sometimes be not in your control
See what lies there in its interminable depth 
Whatever you see there you must gracefully accept 
Your soul is a mirror to your whole being
It reflects what you often may miss seeing
Maybe you missed reaching out when someone was in need
Against your wishes you would have to concede
Maybe you hurt them when the intention was not really so
They called out but you unknowingly let the distance grow
Let go of your ego and recover from the pain
The wonders of life will be yours once again
It will free you of guilt if ever there is any
To be happy you can find reasons many
When an answer to a question to you is unknown
Forget to look around and just search your soul

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