Its so easy to fall in love with you
The innocence and effervescence is just so true 
You give hope to failures I regret
All my trials and tribulations you make me forget
At this juncture I feel pride and pleasure 
In the corner of my heart I silently treasure
Your every smile your every tear
Your moments of pride your every fear 
My unfulfilled dreams my incomplete aspirations 
Perhaps life’s some tough decisions 
My hopes and my trust completely I place in you
My childhood once again I live through you
You give my dreams sturdy wings to fly 
With so much ease through the limitless sky 
With you today I dare to soar
Through storms of life I’m safely ashore
All your memories of yesteryears
Are etched in my heart so vivid and clear
They shall give me company when you are gone
To realise your dreams in some land unknown
To keep some promises that we have made 
Creating memories that shall never fade
To fall in step when the time does come
Till then to loneliness I shall not succumb 
When I lose my very will to walk
When there is no one as I need to talk
I know you shall be with me again 
When I just once call out your name

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