an engineer by profession, Hailing from USA, Mr. Mohinder L. Nayyar is a bilingual poet and author of books like “purpose of life”, “Heartbeats” and ….  he has also authored Engineering Reference Books. Mr nayyar ‘s valuable review of  “FOOTPRINTS’ is as below for reference. 

“Foot Prints on the waves of time do disappear, but the palaces of memories created by them live on. They may stay dormant under the current and past myriad of events, but they tend to wake up and enrich life. The poems of Foot Prints are true expressions of a sensitive and tender heart which experiences joys and woes, highs and lows, thrills and drills, success and distress,  hopes and nopes, and ups and downs of human relationships. Nisha has excelled in presenting her feelings and thoughts in an effective and touching manner, which is unique and unalloyed. Her expressions carry a soothing touch of breeze. Her words convey emotions of a pure human heart and thought waves of a mind which lives both on earth and flies in the unlimited sky of imagination also.

The poems of Foot Prints weave a net of past, present, and future. It captures the mind of a reader and allows one’s heart to find solace by rhyming the feelings with the emotions contained in the poems of Foot Prints. I hope that Nisha gains increasing recognition and respect for her poetic talent and keep enriching life by her creativity. 

The palaces of memories created by the poems of Foot Prints shall live on forever. 

Mohi Nayyar”



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