She sat on the rocks lost in deep thoughts
Oblivion to the chaos around 
The sound of ferocious storm leaving her unperturbed 
The reasons for her state was still unfound
The waves lashing and receding tirelessly 
The moon fighting to find its way through the clouds
The chill in the air not enough to rush for cover
Even the tears, now a part of her were not allowed
She felt a light tap on her tender shoulders 
She turned and looked over to find noone
Was it the wind playing with her hair she wondered 
Or was it some disturbed and lost emotion
Or was it him she deliberated
Returning probably just one last time
Even if it wasn’t she wished it was true
Hoping to have her love back after all wasn’t a crime
She missed her moments with him terribly
Memories haunted her day and night
She knew he had not returned for some reason unknown
Yet she clung to the hope with all her might
She sat through the night , tough it was no doubt
She heard a whisper and she shut her eyes
Her heart now beating a tad bit faster
Her emotions she no longer could disguise
She didn’t react not did she respond 
Not wanting to be carried away yet again 
As the nature played with her imperfect sentiments
She refused to go through the familiar pain
She felt someone slip a ring on her finger
The touch was known to her all her life
Her dreams and desires at last were coming true
She once again felt existent and  alive
Hope was what had seen her through
Tears she was unable to now hide
She held him close to her pounding chest
For the HOPE she held god had finally obliged 

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