The splash of rain across her innocent face raises her spirits
She jumps in puddles and doesn’t seem to care 
For the onlookers who maybe forming an opinion
Her childlike heart she is just ready to bare
The silvery raindrops tickle down her arched brows
Onto her trembling lips that break into a radiant smile
The false commitments and broken promises all forgotten
The worries at the back of her mind can wait a while
Her languid eyes sparkle amidst the droplets
Her heart dances and sings a different tune
She gathers the gift of nature in both her arms
Today finally she has broken the empty cocoon 
She is captive no more to the opinions of the world
She decides to live life on her own terms
She will leave behind all the traumatic memories
A fire to revolt today within her burns
She finds peace in the tranquility of nature
The serenity of the showers gives her quietude 
She needs noone to make her complete today
She lives with pride and an impetus attitude

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