Once we had our necessary documents ready and kids settled in school, we started our next endeavor: Mission Licence. We referred to our friends in Dubai who have been here for long and enjoying their freedom on the road….because they possess a valid driving licence. Each one had a story to tell. And that sure got us nervous and it looked like we had set ourselves a target, difficult to achieve. General responses:”It took me 4 trials to get my licence.” ” I was failed because of a silly mistake.” ” The RTA instructor confused me.”  For us now would begin an uphill task.Millions of questions cropping up. I guess more than anything it was the fear of facing failure…” I have been driving for 20 odd years, how can they judge me in 10 mins???” “What if I fail, will be so embarrassed…”The dilemma was unending.

My husband had been in Dubai since January but was just too occupied to even go and register. So one fine day, very determined and after finalizing on the driving school we set out to register and complete formalities. Before I forget, which driving school….highly recommended Belhasa Driving Centre, reasons?? Well let me name a few. Very well reputed, convenient as close to home, have their own school and yard where you practice in safe environment and last but not the least Salman Khan patronizes it :). Well that was just by the way, a reason to convince self not that I am a great Bollywood fan. So we packed the kids off to school, collected the relevant documents and took a cab to the driving centre. Once we reached there, the sight of the centre overwhelmed us. We had a few preconceived notions, a mini centre like one of the many back home in India. What welcomed us was a huge centre with hundrends of people from various walks of life buzzing in and out.A very busy centre indeed. Taking a deep breath, we walked into the centre. We could see people of all nationalities hurrying scurrying trying to save as much time as possible, a few waiting for their turn at various counters. A lot of unexpected action and chitter chatter.  So here we are, the first step towards Mission Licence and we walk to their customer service desk…right opposite the entrance….


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