Age Old Charm 
From a desert city to a mirage of skyscrapers is such a contrast
But it’s the old Dubai that holds all the mystical charm
I have strolled the narrow lanes and often wondered 
How familiar the strangers seem whom once I encountered 
Their affable glances exchanged are so heartwarming 
Their ways of engaging buyers is inimitably enthralling 
I can’t resist but halt to see the artefacts so well sculptured
And the intriguing experiences in my lens are well captured
The authentic eateries , the gold souq bling and vendors galore
One can’t resist the attraction as they entice you to the core 
Old Dubai is a window into the vibrant daily lives 
Of the city’s locals who throng the place with their well clad wives 
Dubai’s Old Town is home to age old traditions 
Right on the bank of the saltwater creek it’s well positioned 
One tends to go back in time to a vibrant neighbourhood 
That’s still full of abras, dhows, and spice souks
I soak up the scents, sights and sounds of spices at the souk 
Experiencing the hustle bustle and chaos in every nook 
I often coat my fingers in the spices and breathe in the yellow of the saffron 
Each time returning to this mayhem is now an undying passion 
The ancient, colourfully decorated wooden dhows are loaded 
It’s right here where many success stories were reported
The creek is something that encapsulates a bygone era
Abra ride across the creek brings in a strange nostaligia 
Of old architecture and the modern elevations this city’s a perfect blend
Loitering around street corners time one can easily spend 
The city although is an epitome of moderizarion as times fly 
But the creek shall forever remain the heart of fururistic Dubai.

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