He made you extra special
A bit different from the rest of the world
But then that’s what makes you stand apart 
And ways of the world you have slowly learned 

You may not be one amongst the regular crowd
But then HE took extra effort to painstakingly craft you
Special colours from the rainbow HE borrowed
To beautifully embellish and passionately adorn you

HE took few melodies from the virgin nature 
And gave you a voice as sweet as a nightingale 
A heart so unpretended and responsive
A life as perfect as a dreamy Fairytale

HE made you pure and unblemished 
Devoid of a tinge of any imperfections 
No flecks to mar your exhuberant personality 
A pure soul to match your beautiful description

Then he set out to find the perfect home for you
To part with HIS creation ,to him that was precious
HE smiled and upon your forehead gently placing a peck 
With you then he gracefully blessed us !!



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