Today we met like two strangers just by chance
Too chastened to even steal a glance 
We sat in silence for hours that never seemed to end
Each other’s unspoken words we still did understand 
We may have drifted in directions unknown
The distances between us may have grown
The feelings may have reversed with passing time 
Your desires may have ebbed alas! so did mine 
This could not take away all that we have shared
How we worried and how much we have cared
It was destiny or Gods will perhaps 
That there came between us some unbridgeable gaps
Today, Im fighting a battle and so are you
“Can’t you hold my hand and see me through?”
I don’t speak out the quivering words aloud 
But wish silently to fulfill what we had once vowed 
Your prayers when would unite with my hope
We would realize how easy it is for us to cope
Not long ago we meant the world to each other
Once the eyes met we looked no further
If only today , once again we would let our eyes meet 
It would be evident that neither of us did cheat….
It was our fate , our inescapable destiny…
Leading to this untold mortal agony…

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