So on successfully passing the online theory test, which reiterates the fact that now you are well versed with the rules of driving on Dubai roads, I was guided to the ladies coordinator Lulith for the next course of action. I have to say a few words about Lulith as she plays a special role in my journey towards getting my driving licence. She is a philipina, like the others in her community, a very pleasant and soft spoken girl, very patient and very efficient in her work. She was very forthcoming and always ready to help, whether you go to personally meet her or contact her over the phone. She was in charge of all female students and their activities till they finally received their licences. I went to her with my theory result and was asked when I would like to start my classes. Tuesday and Saturdays were the days that suited me best. I was looking forward to finally being on the drivers seat. Lulith asked me if I was okay with a Pakistani instructor and I was surprised at that question. Could I have an objection? I smiled and said…ofcourse, perfectly fine.So I was given the coordinates of my instructor Sitara. But before that I had to undergo a preliminary assessment test…to test my basic skills of driving.Tht sure got me nervous. And this test was only for students who were taking 20 driving classes. They were expected to know the basics and I had never driven a left hand driven car ever before. I didn’t even know the various controls in the car. I was regretting my decision to proudly hand over the Indian driving licence and opting for 20 classes. It would have been better to hone my skills and practice as much as I could before I independently drive our car. But it was too late now. The harm was done and the preliminary test would  confirm my driving abilities or I must say disabilities….I knew I would fumble and fail miserably….didn’t know what was in store….praying for some miracle to happen…do they???

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