He gazed lovingly at the deserted seat besides him
Till yest it was not so
She sat near him hand in hand
And watched the yester years go
They watched the countryside together
With their dimming aging eyes 
They watched as the birds returned home
Crossing the azure limitless skies
They brooded as the sun set home for the day
Tired from illuminating millions of lives
They decided to head home too
Without waiting for another sanguine sunrise
This routine they followed lovingly
Every day through their youth
They matched footsteps all their life
Smoothly sailing through life’s muted blues 
And even as they turned grey together
Undying love they fondly shared
Their laughter filled up their ancestral home
As very few words they generally said
They fought the odds together
Shed tears at what was not to be 
Weaving the shattered dreams one by one
A new dream once again they would see
But today he sits on the same bench alone
Tragic , broken and unbearable 
Thought of a tomorrow without her 
For him the loss was irreparable 
He felt his hands in hers once again 
A silent tear drops from his moist eyes
He let go of his spirit with her bereft of any pain 
Trembling hands lay still on that cold shivery night

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