Each child grows up with their loyalties in place for a few of their favourite things..Kittu like any other child has them too…and nearing 11 years of age now….Surprisingly she has stuck to them…

One of them definitely being her Mr Bean Teddy she has it with her wherever she goes…Thank fully not the school…she loves it to bits nd we hate to separate it from her….she calls it “Bacchoo” and tucks it into the most comfy bed every night…she worries for it and dare we ignore it….here she is out for dinner and hugging it close waiting for her favorite food burger to arrive. ..I feel for them there’s a sense of security attached to a particular toy. It is only unfair to separate them.

Another thing that she will never forego is her most favorite “vanilla scoops”.Her eyes light up just at the sight….The magical smile says it all here….and she won’t share it with anyone…no matter how dear that person is….though we restrict her from having it as much as she would like it….weekend treats are fair enough….


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