The stillness in the cold winters night 
Sends down a shiver down my spine 
It brings along with it loneliness undesirable
And leaves me deprived of the beguiling sunshine
The green meadows have lost their eternal charm
The deathly white blanket yet leaves it pristine
As the feathery and fragile flakes completely envelope them 
And the sight is celestial and so divine 
The moon rises slowly above the sleepy horizon
And casts its magic on the snow laden meadows 
The white blanket starts to shimmer and glisten 
And veil the moonlight with mysterious shadows
And the silvery stars embed the darkened skies
Like an Indian bride adorned in precious jewels 
Absense of chirping birds often perturbs me 
As in their abandoned nests they no more dwell 
The quivering wind passes by dreamily
Whispering sweet nothings to the pine boughs
They are laden with the flakey snow
Kissing the tips of the frozen grass as they stoop so low 
This awe inspiring beauty is like painting on canvas
Surreal and casting its spell to hypnotize us 
The dexterous artist is the heavenly one above 
And the colossal sight is enough to mesmerize us 

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