Careful not to wake him, silently she tiptoed to the door
With a pain she experienced like never before
She knew she lacked courage to say a goodbye
But she could no longer bear to see him eye to eye
The thought tugged her heart and how it bled
For all the tranquil tears that she had shed
Difficult it was for her as she decided to part ways
For sure a bit of her back with him will stay
Everything they shared had been a mere illusion 
For his love she had lead a life of seclusion 
Millions of times they had looked into each others melancholic eyes 
But there was a dearth of warmth only muffled cries
She knew hopeless distances had now come between them
They could no longer start a life together again
She could drag this no more she finally felt 
Nothing he would say now would make her heart melt 
All he gave her was a life laden with abuse and disgrace 
She bore it all with a broken smile and a pale face
Someday when he realizes and wants her back
She would have traveled distances  that could not be tracked
She leaves him today with a void and vacuum
To reconcile and make up there is no more room
She sacrificed all  for him but he never cared 
She always boasted of a bond they had never shared
She tried to fake a smile but could no longer pretend 
Somewhere this farce just needed to end 
It was finally time to break the shackles that were fake
Hurt, pain , anger ,no matter what it would take
She decided to move on to keep her sanity 
All that mattered to her now was her vanity
She walks out today but with a bruised heart
Setting her chained soul free and another life afar
She seeks a morrow where tears find no space
A guilt-free life when she can with ease embrace

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An entrepreneur in HR field with previous work experience in education, hotels and training., I enjoy my journey of life trying to make my 16 year old daughter diagnosed with Down Syndrome, independent and well integrated into the society. Being a typical Taurean, I take life head on and am ready to face challenges with a perennial smile. A passionate poet, I love to spread sunshine through my poetry that touch souls.


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