Once inside the Belhasa Driving Center, we were greeted by their very warm and smiling customer service reps. All that they were supposed to do was to listen to your query patiently and punch out a token, relevant to the respective department. And yes, they took the initiative to give you directions to the department without you having to ask for it. Guess they notice the confusion on your already anxious face. So you reciprocate the gesture with a very warm smile and a grateful thank you….and their day is made. I must tell you, we left the center with a very positive feel. From the entry to the exit, we came across a very enthusiastic set of employees at Belhasa, patient and proactive. So far, so good. We spoke to the rep and told them that we were there to register for the driving classes. We were welcomed with a warm smile and were personally escorted to the registration counter, very conveniently located, easy access to anyone walking in.
The CSR took the pains to give the reference to another couple of reps there, an African male and a Lebanese female CSR. The Afro was a very endearing character….his white teeth gleaming across his otherwise dark complexion.He was happy to hear that he was dealing with a husband wife duo, both wanting to register for the classes. He was happier (probably his targets were going to be met for the day) as he would have to explain the whole process just once for two registrations. He briefed us on the entire process, clarifying all the doubts we popped up in the midst of our conversation “Generally how long does it take to get a licence” “what were the timings” “what if I can’t attend a theory session or a driving class” silly questions at our age I guess. But he, though much younger in age than us, smiled at each question and answered patiently, till we were convinced and satisfied. We were happy to be dealing with a CSR like him and not a sullen faced character who would make us more nervous than we already were. How it is no, to be on the other side of the table, where you are not leading but being guided. You may be working at a corporate position or running a business with all the intelligence in its place, but this was where you are a student once again. Learning from the basics. So here would begin our journey to the registration process for our driving classes in Belhasa.Way to go….

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