Promises last a lifetime they say
Relationships of the heart are here to stay
A promise to hold the hand through every tomorrow 
And make yours forever my every tear every sorrow
When the sun would set and night would fall
I know beside me you would forever stand tall
Unconditional love was what you had promised
Words of the heart were so well established 
You promised to be all the unspoken words
You promised to be the shade under the burning sun
You promised to wipe every tear I ever shed
And put the smile back as each promise you kept
You promised to be my footprints in the journey of life
And be every breath that kept me so alive
You promised to hold the heart that weeps in the dark
And nurture it with the love that set us apart
Each promise seemed like a moment of truth 
And when I stumbled beside me you firmly stood
I shut my eyes to your every flaw
For every promise thats the only price I saw
I believed every word that you ever uttered
But to you I think it never really mattered
One day you just walked away without a final goodbye
It didn’t then matter to you how much I would cry
Letting go was the easiest thing I could do
Alas! You would no more be there to see me through
I survived the pain that almost left me dead
But promises didn’t last a lifetime as they had said

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