Once I was given the date for my preliminary assessment test, I was left clueless as to what that actually meant. Couldn’t leave it to fate. Wondered yet again if I had done the right thing by opting for 20 driving classes, I even went back and asked if I could change them to 40 classes, at least I wouldn’t have to go through nightmares of failing the test miserably.I surfed through Google, mister know it all but for once ever it failed to lead me to the right track. So I was left with no option but to pray to all the God’s in my religion I could and seek their blessings. My hubby kept reassuring me that it’s no big deal. Even IF I failed, in the worst scenario I would be asked to do 40 classes which I anyways wanted.
So I reached the center on the day of the test and submitted my learner licence. I was asked to wait as an internal assessment officer would call for me. My hands were cold with sweat and heart pounding with rapid palpitations. It was a harrowing time for me. Did everyone go through the same??? I wondered and wondered….Finally after a wait for 40 mins which seemed like eternity, the officer walked out and called for me. By the way, I did get a sneak peek into a friends car just to get the feel of the interiors so I wouldn’t be looking for the right gadgets inside. So once she asked me to seat myself in the drivers seat, I performed the basic activities right….safety seat belt, seat adjustment and mirror adjustments. The instructor was very cooperative and helped me in the same, guiding at every step. She came across very positively and I took this opportunity to tell her that it was the first time for me in a left hand driven car and that I hadn’t driven in the last one year. This hopefully would leave her with very little to judge. She asked me not to worry and that I would be only tested on my knowledge and that would help them to schedule my training from the desired stage. There are 5 training stages before once appears for the RTA road test. I fumbed with the ignition and with reversing the car and with acceleration and with everything possible. I was quite embarrassed but I am sure they have seen cases like mine before as the officer was quite relaxed at my ignorance and kept making notes. She took me for a couple of rounds of the yard and asked me to park. I heaved a sigh of relief!!! Phew!! Thank god it was over…She asked me to wait. I did…With bated breath. Then she called for me and told me that I had cleared Stage 1 and my training would start from Stage 2…..omg….I made it!!! Couldn’t believe my luck….so it wasn’t as bad as it seemed…..I had successfully passed my preliminary assessment test. …so what if not with flying colours. ….

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  1. After reading your post, it had really given me a boost. Trust me I'm at my driving institute and completely clueless. Finally surfing on Google and getting thirty your post was helpful.


  2. Thank you for such detailed information, as of now I am waiting for my assessment and as you mentioned about you finding some help in google same I did and found your blog which is really helpful. Just now I finished my preliminary assessment exam and passed.
    Thanks to you and good luck to everyone.

  3. Hi, thanks for your post.
    So, out of 40 classes, how many classes you have been asked to take ??
    By going directly to stage 2, your over all number of class differs ?

  4. Thanks for your post, what is the meaning of stage-2 on Preliminary test, how many classes will have there for me, i'm stage-2, i have home country license more than 5 years experience.


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