Like I mentioned in my last post…With Krishna’s continuous taunts and repeated words that haunted me “if you do this RTA will fail you” I was losing my self confidence.  Nothing I did seemed to please her. In being extra cautious I repeated my mistakes. But hats off to her. She wouldn’t lose her patience. The lane change, giving way, stopping at STOP sign, roundabouts, giving the correct indicators,  mirror checks, shoulder check…there’s nothing she missed out on…With finer details..Today I value all her inputs…makes me a better and safer driver on the road. She ensured I practiced what I lacked in. She would make very little conversation throughout my 2 hours of class. I assumed perhaps she didn’t like me. There are very few people I know who don’t,  so I was a bit surprised. She maintained her distance so did I. The only barrier we broke was from mam to krishna….and that was quick. I regard her as a teacher and shared some of the driving secrets, she shared with me, with my husband…I guess what you learn from teachers like her…you can never unlearn.
She knew my drawbacks in driving and she helped me to practice the same over and over again till it satisfied her. Now one thing that I dread till date is PARKING…It gives me nightmares…I may take the car around the world…but when it comes to parking a car…I see stars in daylight. so I wonder if the funda of “practice makes you perfect” will work here….let’s wait and watch…Parking phobia….The next post…..

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