Not afraid to fly
Unafraid and dauntless
Every step I take I am bound to win
I am unstoppable
A lot of courage I muster within 
Each flight I take, it soars me high
Touching the cotton fluffs in the limitless sky
A sense of freedom I endure every moment
If I fail I don’t hesitate to give it another try 
I brave every storm
My wings may flutter but they do not break 
I do not give up so easily on life
Even if everything at that instance is at stake
No dream is unrealistic and beyond my reach 
No rainbow in the sky that I cannot feel
Nothing seems impossible if I set my heart upon it
Courage and faith from within me I often steal
Many hurdles I have overcome at every step
Many a times I have fallen and been left broken
I rise and aim to achieve more 
A lot of desires within me remain unspoken
I feel liberated I am my own sweet song
Free spirited and a dreamer by heart 
A carefree laughter adorns my being at all times
Something unparalleled that sets me apart 
I do not permit angst to ever perturb me 
As a lot of hope I have within 
I have opened the windows to my yearning soul
And allowed the sunshine to leisurely sneak in 

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  1. lovely. nt afraid 2 fly- beautifully expressed ur personality thru ur writing. n v DfG has seen ur commitment, ur self confidence. keep it up.


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