He held my hand through life’s toughest journeys
He walked by my side so I don’t ever fall
I never did have to utter a single word
My silence and my worry.. he understood them all
I looked up into his eyes and saw the tender care  
I reached out to him in many different ways
He would gently smile and silently promise
Assuring me that he would be with me ALWAYS
He was there at every instance that I needed him
For all the problems that ever crossed my path
He touched my life at every single moment
Not the distance nor the time could set us apart
He turned my impossible dreams into reality 
Every tear as promised he changed into a smile
Without him my soul will break into tiny pieces
I know without him its unimaginable to survive
Noone knows me the way he so closely does 
Noone knows that he means the world to me 
No one did ever come across him  or see him
As he is present…. not in reality
He is a figment of my imagination 
But is surely my guardian angel for life
I follow him with all my blind faith I placed in him 
For me he shall forever and ever remain alive 

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