As a family we share love that’s undefined
I am “SPECIAL”, to me they never remind
We have our laughter and share of tears
We also have many moments of panic & fears
But they are my confidence and extreme strength
To protect me they go to a great extent
I am happy and proud to be their child
When they first saw me….I know they smiled

My sister is protective & she takes good care
I get away with tantrums and I know it isn’t fair
She gets pulled up when we have our quarrels
From mom there’s a lecture on ethics and morals
We shall always remain a special part of each other
I never ever miss not having a brother
Sisters can be loving and a lifelong friend
With her around I’m myself and don’t need to pretend


She brings to me her love unconditional and pure
I look up upto her , she knows ,I am sure

We laugh together, we pose as one

To be with each other is always great fun
We have our quarrels and we have our fights
On petty issues we sure do create a sight
Mom does yell and mom does frown
But in our cacophony her voice does drown


 I am grateful as rare is the love i have received
Through this journey, in me they have believed
Forever these memories so beautiful I shall cherish
In my heart they will nurture and  never ever perish
I treasure the loving bond we all share
Of my unique qualities they made me aware
They helped me to have all my dreams unfurled
They are my precious family…they are my world





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